Child receiving food

Community Haven

Wahint abafaz whathint imbokotho

(When you strike a woman, you strike a stone)

We run a soup kitchen, veggie garden and pre-school in our local community.

Children with their lunch at Joe Slovo soup kitchen
Local backyard vegetable garden in Joe Slovo
soup kitchen Joe Slovo Eastern Cape

Community leader

Patricia Piyani

“Love Story have assisted us tremendously by giving us food and supplies for our soup kitchen and creche. Through their help we manage to feed our community. I couldn’t imagine getting this far without them! I’m too happy to see big change in our community because we manage to decrease poverty, crime and inspire people to work hard”. – PATRICIA
Patricia Piyani Joe Slovo


  • Cutlery for our soup kitchen
  • Toys for pre-school
  • Fencing for vegetable garden